Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Various Moods of a Lady

While talking to my flatmate last week I realized that we Women are so different! I must say so difficult. Its not easy to understand us at all, what we are saying, thinking, expecting or any thing I can think of.

This space is going to be less if I keep on writing everything peeping in my head, after all I am a lady and I am confused, may be stubborn, may be over thinking, may be independent. 

We have all the colors which a Men can never understand. After all emotions Men count are just - happy, anger, sad (may be) - its too much to hurt their ego to be sad, moody at times.

But we women what all emotions or moods we carry with us. While thinking about this I just thought why don't I create some names and take opinion of the world, understand what they think about emotions a Lady has.

Have you ever seen a women laughing and suddenly crying like a "LAUGHCRY". This is hilarious we women when we are happy can cry as well and we name it as happy tears. Common what are they just stupid outburst of our uncontrolled emotions!

Or you have ever seen a women crying and then suddenly happy like a child, naming it as "CRYHAP". What will you call this a wire spark in our head. 

Sometimes I don't even understand after a happy day how can I just cry after seeing a book or a couple or a missing train, naming it as "ANYTIMECRY". We are crazy and fault is not ours, its into us from birth. Accept it or move ahead we give a shit.

Have it ever happened to you that you were too angry on someone and you had to shout over them but your emotions get a toll over you. So while shouting you actually started crying and that person thinks that you are sorry that's why you are crying. So Men I want to clear this we cry because we are hurt at that time. This a different emotion may be "ANGERCRY" which you guys can never understand.

Not only this when our menstrual cycle arrives DO NOT EVER MESS WITH US, we can screw your happiness and you will never imagine why we are doing that. Its just our hormones which are forcing us to behave like this. Not our fault. This emotion of our is "PERIODEMO". We have mix of mood swings, you can see all at once during this time. If you want to experience just contact your wife.

Last week I discovered a totally new emotion into me "LOVECRY"- which can be for anyone your parents, lover, husband, siblings. Just because you are missing them, or you are meeting them after long or you are just calling them, you can see tiny droplets rolling down your eyes and saying "Hey Friend! I am here with you!". 

So Men these are not the only ones I can think of, these are just the critical ones which you can come across every single day. We have hundreds of other emotions, keep exploring us and we will keep loving you!