Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Bells of New Year

All across the world when the night arrives
on this special day we say bye together and welcome new lights.

The nights are not darker its full of bright lights
Some are man made, some are natural
to welcome the happy times.

With the hopes that this year will be lucky for all
and will bring peace and prosperity never before
We celebrate togetherness and dance/drink away fears all night.

But somewhere between all this

There are lives which has no change
There are people whose day and night are still same
There are families struggling to get a bread even today
There are wives waiting for their husbands who are marching at the end
There are children who are waiting for their parents to be back home sooner
Lonely parents in wait of their loved ones.

Why the pyramid is so skewed 
Why there is no single day when all are one and have equal rights?

A sudden wish came to my mind
Today I will not dance away my fears in this artificial lights.

I will make a difference by helping few children celebrate this day with their parents on time

I will make a difference by caring for those elders who many not see tomorrow's light

I will make a difference in my attitude and way of living

I will make a difference to those who potentially never get a chance to be the one they want

I will make a difference to myself and then may be one day the world will celebrate together

As one entity, as one human being and as one whole unit which we should be.

The bells of new year will ring and slow down
But the music this difference will make remains forever in our heart.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Truth of Life

When you are sad what you look for most,
Peace, condolence or more pain to travel to that phase called denial?

Denial the first step of every pain or every problem.
To look it in a way that nothing happened
and nothing is going to happen!
Its just a race which will keep on pulling us towards it
Like a high sea tide on rough waters
Like a tsunami on a calm shore
Like a strong wind in middle of nowhere

When we know that at the end we need to fight
Fight with inner self
Fight with pain to sail
Fight with negativity to get happiness!
Then why we run?
Calling it good for us
or just panicking in the moment to soothe our anxious nerves...

We do so many stupid things
that even stupidity laughs and ask is this real you?

Look your self in mirror 
Where is your smile
Where is the calm look
And then you realize
you are walking wrong way wrong direction
The wind has gotten you too far
and you need to learn to sail by yourself

To be the one with humble smile
To be the one who is you
and that fight you are going to choose
as no one can walk your path 

It's just you and only you and always going be you.