Friday, November 13, 2009

Swine Flu In The Campus

Hey Hey wait..did u heard we had 40 cases declared as positive of swine flu..
Y dean clg kb band karega yaar...
Shayad jab sabko ho jaega...samajhta hi nahi hai...
Kal clss hogi???
These were some of the questions which I was hearing constantly few days aback..
Swine flu threatened everyone in d campus...Be it be teachers students anyone...My colleagues even threatened our warden but it was good.The very next day she asked sweeper to clean each and every room properly wid dettol...Due to dis atleast our rooms got cleaned...
On thursday Dean had the meeting and he declared clg closed till 30...It was good for us...Our clg remained in news..and newspapers..I think for some more days it will remain..but closing d clg was good friday nite dere was no one in d campus..Infection will not spread faster in clg now..But one thing which is troubling us is our end sems??It was supposed to be start on 2 dec..and if holidays are till 30..will it still goin to start on 2..
If it gonna be..den we all r gonna dead dis tym..Our analog lab is still pending 3 experiments still to go..and even d exp which we had done before we knew nthin out of it...Same wid lecture clss its been 1.5 mnths our lecture hasnt been taken by anyone..and we even dnt knw d syllabus...

I hope our sems got postponed and we could do sumthin wid our analog thing...oderwise dis tym whats gonna happen no one knws...but one thing I knw is to be LITE...(hehehehe)

Just cnt forget!!!

Its been quite a long tym I hv been away frm my posts..Too busy wid my new work...
This tym I was successful in being in my clg Enginium Technical Team..Its really a gr8 oppotunity and achievement for me.I was cloud nine after hearing dis that I was now the part of dat team..
It was Setika who asked me to give its prelims..unfortunately she wasnt able to clear up but I was(sry for u dear)..But thnx to her I gave that prelims...It was her only who told me dis biggest news of my lyf after coming to mits that I was selected..I was overwhelmed..Yeah I m selected..On the top of world...:)
Now coming up wid its meetings and events...All the bosses are great..Its really good for me to work wid them..and I m lukin forward for it more...
On dis very Wednesday We had our Techno event..I was very xcited..
The events in which I used to take part,now I was the one who was in the organising committee..great experience...Setika was again dere for me..She came to attend dat along wid Sakshi..thnx one else from d hostel turned up as expexted...I kept on telling ma colleagues plzz do come..Its first chance for me...but no grudges...its okk there wish..I cnt force them for everything..
In the meanwhile few days back after my second mids which was disaster as always..We went to OASIS..the most awaited tech fest for me dis sem...
On reaching dere bhaiya came to pick us..After dat for 2 hrs where he disappeared I dnt knw..But we were wid nikhar..thnx to him I wasnt bored..There was one event in which the highest no of inbox msgs one was being given awy prize..Nikhar ran to grab away dat prize..but he felt shrt of msgs..The winner was d one wid 9000 msgs..9000 msgs ghosh man!!itne saare...Poor Nikhar..better luck nxt tym..:)
It was truly flipsiding for me..Had fun and lots of hungama in Shankar Ehsaan's Concert..It was d very first concert which I attended..I always luved dancing..and being listening to him live how can one stop tapping his/her feet...Setika was less intersted in dancing as she was nt feelin lyk..but me for sure was equally enthusiastic as rest of the bitsians crowd dere..when I merged up myself wid the rest of rockin crowd I dnt remember..All I memorize was MUSIC AND DANCE WAS IN THE AIR dat nyt in bits audi...We were over chairs(I must mention after few mins over chair handles)..and dancing shoutin over the every song..Gr8 night for me..

Apart frm the concert the best part was..My cousin bro was dere..He and some of his frnds took us for the campus ride...Library out dere is mindblowing..I was mesmerized by its internal structure...
He even took us to the some desert restaurant..I dnt remember what was its name..One thing I wasnt able to understand was in the whole campus there was no place where we could had lunch..instead we hv to walk outside the campus for the lunch..everyone was sayin it was Joshijis idea..great bhaiya..respected person uhmm??Finally we even got d tr8 for his win in AAJ KA PATRAKAR..that was d best part.I must say...
I had developed a new vocab after cumin frm dere..LITE lo..SAC...OB..GEN...koolllll man.....M luvin it...
While Sitting in D lawns before d day when we had to leave I was thinkin I wish I could stay for one more day..I wasnt feelin lyk goin away..but alas we had to leave..
Everyday we came across different things and learn sumthin diff...I cnt forget such days..Nice experience for me...for sure..

Monday, August 24, 2009

About Me

Hello guys this is Nikita out here....I am an engineer by profession in 2 year Computer Science branch...
This blog is just the review of my views encapsulated in comment on them and give your suggestions...waitin...

Some lines from the core of my heart:-

"Walking down the memory alley
I realized that I was developing odiousity towards my every way..
I was such an oaf that
I couldn't realized what's my destination
kept on walking in my wild imagination...
Dreamt of bigger life but got nothing
thought of manifesting myself but remained shrinked...
I was obliterating myself
I knew that very well
There was moribund in my career
due to these reasons...
But now I am obdurate about what to do,
and weaving my future to bloom......."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aaj Ka Bollywood..


Samay samay ki baat hai,
kal tha jo cinema aaj badla uska har mizaz hai...

Patkatha kabhi th naveen,
aaj unki remixes ki bharmar hai...
purane filmo ki copy hi nahi,
ab to hollywood ki filmon ki remake bh beshumar hai,
itna karne ke baad bh bechara bollywood oscar se bahar hai.

Actors ki acting sabse bekar hai,
samajhte hai khud ko dilip kumar,
par unke pair ki dhul k bh nahi aas paas hai...

Gayakon ki to aise bheed umdi hai,
ki himesh ke gaane bh hote hit baar baar hai...

Tom Cruise samajhke aise style marte hai saare jaise,
saara tashan unke hi paas hai..

Rakhi Sawant ki baat karo ya Mikka ki,
bas Stardum ke bhuke y saare stars hai..
inke wajah se ache actors ke naam hote bekaar hai..

Ego problem ki aise aag lagi hai,
jo daba deti har star ki asli aawaz hai..

Lyrics main angrezi words ki kardi bharmar hai,
fast beats p thirakte hai ab pair,
slow ki dheere dheere ho rae bidaai hai...

Paise ke bhuke ho chuka hai actor,
ek film k mangte hai 10 crore,
jabki movie ki hoti bas aausat kamai hai...

Agar idhar udhar ki baatein chodke,
apne ego ko khud ke paas rakhke,
ek saath kam karen,
to beshak har saal ocsar hamare hi paas hai....

So keep on trying Bollywood...but on originality...


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Kitne badal gaya hamara DESH"

Rangeen chadar ode tha bachpan beeta jahan,
hariyali ki oat main khilti th jaha muskan,
jahan har taraf bas pyar ki baatein th,
aakhir vo sab ab hai kahan?????

Suna tha dadi se angrezon ke khilaf hum ek hokar lade th,
gulami nahi sahi th,
muh tod jawab diye th.....
par ab kya hua hamare desh ko??
jo ab hum sab ye bhul chuke hai...

Ab bas yahan khun ka pyassa har rishta h,
pyar se badhkar ab paisa hai..

Bhrashtachar ki neev kisne rakhi h..
jisne khokli kar di iske har eent hai...

Aazadi ki 63 saal baad bh,
hum Hindu Muslim main bhed bhav karte hai,
kehte h hum aage badh chuke hai.
phir kyun 1947 k batware ko dobara yaad karte hai..?????????

Paise ne saare desh main aisa tandav khela hai
Ameer garib ko apni juti ki nauk tak nahi samjhta hai,
kyun aakhir ek bharatwasi hi dusre ka dushman ban gaya hai?
agar y hai desh ka haal to kya hamara desh aise VIKSIT ho chuka hai..?????!!

Naujawan ka josh is badti mehngai main dab chuka hai,
jo bache hue kuch imandar unhe hamare sarkar ne nikal fainkha hai..

Chalo aaj pran lete hai badle BHARAT ka naya swaroop banayenge
bhrasht aur jaatiwaad ko dur kar...
imandari aur pyaar ki fasal ugaenge....!!

"Ladki-Ek abhishap ya tohfa??"

Aaj is sansaar main phir ek ladki ne janam lia,
uski maa ne na jaane yeh kaisa apradh kia??
Dadi ne paida hote hi poti ke hahakar machaya..
boli-"yeh hai paraya dhan yeh hamare jeevan main kyun hai aaya??"........

Maa khush thi beti ko paakar,
usne usme devi maa ka rup basa hua paya..
par auron ki baatein sunkar uske jeevan ke liye uska man ghabraya,
na pita ka pyaar mila na dadi ki chaya...!!!

Kuch saalon ke baad uske jeevan main uska bhai aaya..
uske hansi ne ghar mahkaya,
dadi bhi khush aur pita ke chehre pe usne pehli baar sukoon paya.!!!...

Tane khati khati badi hui..
vivah ki dehleez main kadam rakha aur socha ab meri zindagi hogi rangeen,
par ye to hona hi nahi tha
aakhir thi vo ladki hi....

Pati ne kosa aur saas ne bhi,
na idhar ki rae na udhar ki,
sochti rae kya ye hi hai meri takdeer??

Kuch saalon ke baad is duniya main uska beta aaya,
usne aate hi dadi jaisa rang dikhaya!!
uski baatein sunkar uska man ghabraya..
bola-"Hey Maa!!Tune mera ghar KURUSHETRA kyun banaya????"

Kya hota hai pyaar ye ladki hi sikhati hai..
kaise banta hai ye sansaar ye ladki hi batati hai,
har pathjhad main vo hi phool khilati hai,
murjhaye logon main khushiyan vo failati hai...

apni takdeer ko kosti hui,
apno se ladti hui,
vo ye hi sawal puchti hai
samaj bata de zara use.....


Monday, August 17, 2009


Hai shak darmiyan har insaan ke,
kyun hai khafa insaan bhagwan se??
kyun chain sabka chin gaya hai??
kyun khun ki baarish hoti hai registaan main?........

har taraf maut ka tandav hai,
maut ki cheekhen hai, maut ki pukar hai,
dushmanon ne hamare bharat ko bana diya shamshan hai.....

uthe dhuen main baarood ki gandh hai,
har taraf bas bandhukon se ho rae jung hai,
aankhon main aasun liye besahara khade hai,
apno ko yaad karke bas jee rae hai........

kab is maut ki parchai is jahan se hategi??
kab phir aman ki chadar bichegi??
kab phir vo khilkhilata suraj ugega??
kab phir thandi chaun main raatein kategi??
kab laut ke aayenge phir vo din
jab bas dharti shanti ki chadar odhe phir rangeen banegi?.......