Friday, December 30, 2016

इस दिल से उस दिल तक

Source: JpopAsia

कभी सोचा है अगर मैं कुछ ना कहूँ और तुम पढ़ लो,
कभी सोचा है अगर मैं कुछ ना सुनु और तुम सुन लो,
बातों की उलझन या मन का दर्पण,
कुछ तो अलग है हर दिन हर पल । 

ये इस दिल से उस दिल तक कैसे बातें जाती है,
ना मैं कुछ कहती हूँ फिर भी समझ जाती है,
कैसे आखिर अनकही बातें भी सुलझ जाती है,
ऐसा क्या रिश्ता है जो सब कुछ एक कर जाती है । 

क्यों मैं चलती उस राह पे हूँ जिस राह पे तू मिलता है,
आखिर इस दिल से उस दिल तक ये कैसा रिश्ता है ?
मैं लिखने बैठूँ सच तो उसका रूप भी कुछ और है,
मेरे मन के हर पृष्ठ पे एक सुरूर चारों और है |

राहों के मुसाफिर या मेरे रास्तो के हमराही,
कैसे चुनता है कोई जिसके लिए ये जीने के मायने है बदल जाते,
कैसे हम इस दिल से उस दिल तक दबे पाओं पहुँच जाते है 
कैसे तुम मेरी हर बात को बिन बोले ही समझ जाते हो | 

कई बार ऐसा होता है, मन मैं सौ उलझने घर कर जाती है,
हर उलझन इस रिश्ते तो कमजोर करने के भरसक प्रयास में जुड़ जाती है,
पर हर बार ये मुश्किलें हमें और करीब ले आती है,
ना जाने कितने अनकहे अनसुने एहसासों को हम तक पहुंचा के 
ये इस दिल से उस दिल तक का नाता और पक्का कर आती है | 

सागर के किनारे बैठूं या ऊँची इमारतों में ,
हर जगह तुम्हे साथ महसूस करती हूँ,
कहने को हम दूर बहुत हैं, सात समुन्दर बीच किनारे,
पर फिर भी मन की उलझनों को अब बहुत दूर रखती हूँ | 

मैंने सुना था बड़े बूढ़ों से , दूरियां को नज़दीकियों में बदलना बड़ा मुश्किल है,
कइयों बार दूर बैठे एक दूसरे की बातों को समझना बड़ा ही झटिल है,
पर मैं खुदा की मेहर समझू या अपनी बुलंद किस्मत,
इस दिल से उस दिल तक बातें यूँही पहुँच जाती है,
कहना कुछ भी चाहूँ, सब अनकही बातें तुम्हे हूबहू समझ आती है | 

इस दिल से उस दिल तक आज एक बार और कहना चाहूंगी,
खुश तो बहुत हूँ मैं तुम्हे पाके,
बस इसी तरह तुम्हारे जीवन को हमेशा खुशबू बनके महकाना चाहूँगी | 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Sailing Boat

Source: wikihow

I am 25 and figuring out what is Life,
Everything is so hazy and there is only one dim light.
Where shall I go and which path should I take
Is this the inner me or my thoughts are getting vague!

I have a sailing boat floating in the mid of Ocean
Can someone grab it for me or I have to pull it to the shore with my own inspiration.

Winds are stormy and weather is rainy,
How will I reach, will there be someone as my only rope.

Neither I know how to swim nor how to drown,
I have learnt a lesson there is always a better you waiting somewhere in every Worse.

So how do I find this better me who is sailing my boat alone,
How should I call, so it listens to my voice once more.
What will be the answer to all unknown situations,
Why everyone says "Everything happens for a reason"

Hoping to get my answers, I will sail again this time alone,
Meeting loved ones in the pathway and will create memories once more.
Its New Year and a happy time everywhere,
Hope is always lasting and it will definitely fill our life with happiness this year around!

I will surely be in my own Sailing Boat for the rest of my years
 and will invite you all for a luxurious dine in my new Mansion with new joy and happy tears!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Various Moods of a Lady

While talking to my flatmate last week I realized that we Women are so different! I must say so difficult. Its not easy to understand us at all, what we are saying, thinking, expecting or any thing I can think of.

This space is going to be less if I keep on writing everything peeping in my head, after all I am a lady and I am confused, may be stubborn, may be over thinking, may be independent. 

We have all the colors which a Men can never understand. After all emotions Men count are just - happy, anger, sad (may be) - its too much to hurt their ego to be sad, moody at times.

But we women what all emotions or moods we carry with us. While thinking about this I just thought why don't I create some names and take opinion of the world, understand what they think about emotions a Lady has.

Have you ever seen a women laughing and suddenly crying like a "LAUGHCRY". This is hilarious we women when we are happy can cry as well and we name it as happy tears. Common what are they just stupid outburst of our uncontrolled emotions!

Or you have ever seen a women crying and then suddenly happy like a child, naming it as "CRYHAP". What will you call this a wire spark in our head. 

Sometimes I don't even understand after a happy day how can I just cry after seeing a book or a couple or a missing train, naming it as "ANYTIMECRY". We are crazy and fault is not ours, its into us from birth. Accept it or move ahead we give a shit.

Have it ever happened to you that you were too angry on someone and you had to shout over them but your emotions get a toll over you. So while shouting you actually started crying and that person thinks that you are sorry that's why you are crying. So Men I want to clear this we cry because we are hurt at that time. This a different emotion may be "ANGERCRY" which you guys can never understand.

Not only this when our menstrual cycle arrives DO NOT EVER MESS WITH US, we can screw your happiness and you will never imagine why we are doing that. Its just our hormones which are forcing us to behave like this. Not our fault. This emotion of our is "PERIODEMO". We have mix of mood swings, you can see all at once during this time. If you want to experience just contact your wife.

Last week I discovered a totally new emotion into me "LOVECRY"- which can be for anyone your parents, lover, husband, siblings. Just because you are missing them, or you are meeting them after long or you are just calling them, you can see tiny droplets rolling down your eyes and saying "Hey Friend! I am here with you!". 

So Men these are not the only ones I can think of, these are just the critical ones which you can come across every single day. We have hundreds of other emotions, keep exploring us and we will keep loving you!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Do Internships Really Help post MBA?

Source: Skyschooley
I think this question is posed by each and every student on this earth to someone who has completed his graduation/post graduation or any relevant studies over the time. I was too in the impression till the time I got an opportunity to work with a start up based in Singapore and finally converting it as a full time opportunity.

When we join any institution 90% of students fear about placements. There is nothing else which come in their mind, it all revolves around their future. But have we ever thought about it what else we are doing apart from studies which stands us apart from crowd. There are million of students out there competing every single minute and we are just a part of it. So why a company should hire us? What is making us different? These all stupid or intelligent thoughts runs in our mind every single second till the time we achieve something. 

To give you an idea how internships helped me developed into a Marketing Professional here's my story. Interning at a start up is really difficult as there are no set rules and regulations. Everything is trial and test phase at start.So in a way you learn a lot, not only by peers but by yourself. This internship taught me to apply my marketing tools in a better way and taught a better approach of viewing service industry. I learned about content marketing, social media marketing and many more as I am still learning. Not only this while suggesting marketing strategies I learned that each strategy needs to be financially and operationally weighed along with viability.

I also learned that for every target segment there needs be different marketing strategies because each target segment is different and needs different attention. I also learned how consultative selling is done and why it is necessary for a salesperson to do their homework in terms of problems their target group face so that they can use maximum of that problem.

I also learned about business research and what all needs to be considered while customizing services according to client needs and market. At the last conducting a feasibility study provided new avenue to the company as they are looking for expanding in different business model and also gave me on job experience on working for such studies. At the end company marketing team was built and what all can be the hardships face while selling these kind of informal services were understood.

Internship helped me to develop holistically as I was the only one who was handling Marketing part. I got involved into four aspects of Management which gave me fair and broader idea to deal with things. The areas where I worked were:

·         Brand Management
·         Sales and Business Development
·         Marketing
·         Research

As this industry was totally new to me and I had no experience in selling services, it taught me that there is nothing right or wrong in Marketing. Ideas are being made to try and test. There is nothing like perfect until you fine tune it and try it out. Also it gave me chance to fine tune my software skills along with marketing skills.

The best part of internship was that I was directly involved in signing of deals and execution of strategies proposed by me which gave me a better idea that which strategies can work in which kind of environment. I was also directly involved in working with Owners of the firm which gave me exposure and new ideas for the company. For me it was very fruitful and helped me to become a better professional. Plus you stand apart as you have already put your hands in various domains. I personally believe before starting your career get into some internships and understand what you are good at and how you can fine tune that. I hope my little story helps you a long way.