Monday, August 24, 2009

About Me

Hello guys this is Nikita out here....I am an engineer by profession in 2 year Computer Science branch...
This blog is just the review of my views encapsulated in comment on them and give your suggestions...waitin...

Some lines from the core of my heart:-

"Walking down the memory alley
I realized that I was developing odiousity towards my every way..
I was such an oaf that
I couldn't realized what's my destination
kept on walking in my wild imagination...
Dreamt of bigger life but got nothing
thought of manifesting myself but remained shrinked...
I was obliterating myself
I knew that very well
There was moribund in my career
due to these reasons...
But now I am obdurate about what to do,
and weaving my future to bloom......."


  1. Reflection are always what we perceive, good or bad.The dream of a bigger life is very much alive and never "shrinks " u anyhow,but instead balloons you to achieve our "moribund" life a thing to be happy about.You will lose only when you think you have lost till then you are very much in the game.Future will blossom but not without hard-work of the gardener...the journey sometimes is sweeter than the destination..cherish when you walk blindfolded because you forget to care about what lies ahead and live in the present.

  2. blogging fell relaxed.
    but as u rope in ur frnds n family u will never get real admiration u will just get the peoples good comments ...
    What makes a good blog is not it admireres but its critic.
    chk out my blog
    n thx for following...