Friday, November 13, 2009

Just cnt forget!!!

Its been quite a long tym I hv been away frm my posts..Too busy wid my new work...
This tym I was successful in being in my clg Enginium Technical Team..Its really a gr8 oppotunity and achievement for me.I was cloud nine after hearing dis that I was now the part of dat team..
It was Setika who asked me to give its prelims..unfortunately she wasnt able to clear up but I was(sry for u dear)..But thnx to her I gave that prelims...It was her only who told me dis biggest news of my lyf after coming to mits that I was selected..I was overwhelmed..Yeah I m selected..On the top of world...:)
Now coming up wid its meetings and events...All the bosses are great..Its really good for me to work wid them..and I m lukin forward for it more...
On dis very Wednesday We had our Techno event..I was very xcited..
The events in which I used to take part,now I was the one who was in the organising committee..great experience...Setika was again dere for me..She came to attend dat along wid Sakshi..thnx one else from d hostel turned up as expexted...I kept on telling ma colleagues plzz do come..Its first chance for me...but no grudges...its okk there wish..I cnt force them for everything..
In the meanwhile few days back after my second mids which was disaster as always..We went to OASIS..the most awaited tech fest for me dis sem...
On reaching dere bhaiya came to pick us..After dat for 2 hrs where he disappeared I dnt knw..But we were wid nikhar..thnx to him I wasnt bored..There was one event in which the highest no of inbox msgs one was being given awy prize..Nikhar ran to grab away dat prize..but he felt shrt of msgs..The winner was d one wid 9000 msgs..9000 msgs ghosh man!!itne saare...Poor Nikhar..better luck nxt tym..:)
It was truly flipsiding for me..Had fun and lots of hungama in Shankar Ehsaan's Concert..It was d very first concert which I attended..I always luved dancing..and being listening to him live how can one stop tapping his/her feet...Setika was less intersted in dancing as she was nt feelin lyk..but me for sure was equally enthusiastic as rest of the bitsians crowd dere..when I merged up myself wid the rest of rockin crowd I dnt remember..All I memorize was MUSIC AND DANCE WAS IN THE AIR dat nyt in bits audi...We were over chairs(I must mention after few mins over chair handles)..and dancing shoutin over the every song..Gr8 night for me..

Apart frm the concert the best part was..My cousin bro was dere..He and some of his frnds took us for the campus ride...Library out dere is mindblowing..I was mesmerized by its internal structure...
He even took us to the some desert restaurant..I dnt remember what was its name..One thing I wasnt able to understand was in the whole campus there was no place where we could had lunch..instead we hv to walk outside the campus for the lunch..everyone was sayin it was Joshijis idea..great bhaiya..respected person uhmm??Finally we even got d tr8 for his win in AAJ KA PATRAKAR..that was d best part.I must say...
I had developed a new vocab after cumin frm dere..LITE lo..SAC...OB..GEN...koolllll man.....M luvin it...
While Sitting in D lawns before d day when we had to leave I was thinkin I wish I could stay for one more day..I wasnt feelin lyk goin away..but alas we had to leave..
Everyday we came across different things and learn sumthin diff...I cnt forget such days..Nice experience for me...for sure..


  1. Well,Congrats on your achievement ...
    1)please excuse me for not mentioning about your visit in my post..that was because I had focussed on the music part more and the post was rather incomplete in intself..and u know i am a little insensitive too :)
    2)Oasis is a CULTURAL fest :)
    3)there is one Institute canteen (IC), cannught here for lunch apart from of course the messes

  2. and yes... try to attend for more days with more of your friends..
    for a interesting read on OASIS, read Lokesh's blog..

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  4. Thnx for the comments...And surely it was like a dream come true..