Friday, March 13, 2015

A broken heart to a broken soul!

Source: Etsy

How do you greet a broken heart
In the mid of moonlight lost so far..
No light of togetherness
No hope of smile
She is just moving hiding tears with a smile!!

A broken heart with no wings to fly
No aspirations and no feelings within to tie..
Whom to say or for whom to cry 
Nothing to see all seems like a dark sky!!

You feel like walking bare feet
You know earth will hurt your innocent sheet
Feeling is miserable like a stab in heart
No one can see those tears apart!

You feel like yelling on the whole world
You scream in your memories over everyone
You just wish it to be a dream
But no one knows what you are suffering from which makes you feel this!!

A broken heart with no wings to fly
Breath about freedom in the dull sky
Want to feel flowers but pinch like thrones
Its just a feeling or something unknown coming from shore!!

Past haunts you but no one understand
Society treats you as if it was you who this planned
What was her fault what did she did wrong
She was just the daughter of the poor who was torn
She just wanted to fulfill her family dreams
Her fault was that she took birth as a girl who wants to live free and feel!!

She was just following her dreams hidden somewhere
But culprits were eyeing her like a hungry prey everywhere
Eaten, beaten, raped her till the last breath
A broken heart was broken now by her soul
She cried, asked for help but no one listened to that "shor"

Till now the scream and cry you can hear around
But the noise of all others is so loud that those words never make a sense at all
Why after knowing what is wrong we still pretend everything is right
Why after knowing what should the punishment be we wait for the justice from supreme power who holds the guiding light!

Its the irony we expect light from the source who is blind
Who doesn't even see what is right and close her eyes before every mind..
Its not a question to one but its for everybody
What is the fault a girl has made after taking birth for which she gets punishment daily!!

A heart broke with these deeds every hour some where
Its a journey somewhere a girl makes because of society
From A broken heart to a broken soul leaving us in tears!

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