Thursday, November 26, 2015

Nestle - “Good food Good life”

Nestle is a Swiss food and beverage company which is ranked 72 in Fortune Global 500 in 2014. This company has positioned itself as nutrition, health and wellness company with quality taste over the years. Following is the analysis of brand which makes us easy to understand that how Nestle has grown over the years and what they do to make themselves distinguished.
Brand Architecture
Nestle follows Endorsement Brand Architecture which means that all my daughter brands have attributes that I as a Nestle holds. That’s why customers start associating Nestle attributes as soon as they see Nestle in daughter brands.

      Nestle is not only famous for its products but also has purpose which is not monetary but welfare of society which is a step towards creating brand advocates. Nestle has CSR initiatives towards climate change, water, energy efficiency, biodiversity, waste and recovery, society, environment, employee safety, rural development programs throughout the world – India, Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ethiopia, South Africa, veterinary services, education program. 

Brand Portfolio Analysis

 Product Life Cycle

  BCG Matrix

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