Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Sailing Boat

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I am 25 and figuring out what is Life,
Everything is so hazy and there is only one dim light.
Where shall I go and which path should I take
Is this the inner me or my thoughts are getting vague!

I have a sailing boat floating in the mid of Ocean
Can someone grab it for me or I have to pull it to the shore with my own inspiration.

Winds are stormy and weather is rainy,
How will I reach, will there be someone as my only rope.

Neither I know how to swim nor how to drown,
I have learnt a lesson there is always a better you waiting somewhere in every Worse.

So how do I find this better me who is sailing my boat alone,
How should I call, so it listens to my voice once more.
What will be the answer to all unknown situations,
Why everyone says "Everything happens for a reason"

Hoping to get my answers, I will sail again this time alone,
Meeting loved ones in the pathway and will create memories once more.
Its New Year and a happy time everywhere,
Hope is always lasting and it will definitely fill our life with happiness this year around!

I will surely be in my own Sailing Boat for the rest of my years
 and will invite you all for a luxurious dine in my new Mansion with new joy and happy tears!

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